STAAD.Pro Help

M. To Generate a STAAD.Pro Model

To generate a STAAD.Pro input file from your Building Planner workflow physical model, use the following procedure.

The physical model created using the Building Planner workflow can export an equivalent STAAD.Pro input file for use with the analysis and design capabilities in STAAD.Pro.

ヒント: You must perform an analysis using STAAD.Pro in order to perform design in the Building Planner or Advanced Concrete Design workflows.
  1. In the 3D Frame workspace, select Analysis > Generate Analysis File.
  2. Click OK.

    The Space Frame File Generation dialog opens.

    注意: Do not close the dialog by clicking X as this will result in an invalid STAAD input tile.
  3. Specify the parameters to use for the STAAD input file:
    1. Select the Settings to use for diaphragms, beams, and columns.
    2. Select the load cases to use, including if the seismic load should be (static) Seismic Coefficient Method or Response Spectrum Method.
    3. Select the Building Type. For Irregular buildings, both positive and negative direction load cases are generated.
    4. Select whether to Generate EQ Load Using by Joint Weight or Reference Load.
  4. Click Generate. A warning message opens to inform you that the existing STAAD.Pro model will be overwritten.
  5. Click Yes. The STAAD.Pro input file is created and opens in the Analytical Modeling workflow.

You can now make changes to the STAAD.Pro file as necessary. You can perform an analysis by selecting the Run Analysis tool on the  Analysis ribbon tab or by pressing <Ctrl+F5>.