STAAD.Pro Help

EX. Chinese Design Examples

The following models are included when STAAD.Pro is installed.

These files are located in the C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition\Samples\Sample Models\China\ folder (default location).

Table 1. Chinese steel design examples installed with the program
File name Description
Chn-1 Plane Frame with Steel Design.STD

A space steel structure is designed per GB 50017-2017 code and some typical design parameters is added at the same time. Moreover, seismic load, wind load and load combination are auto generated per GB 50009-2012 and GB50011-2010.

There are two files in this example: a STAAD.Pro input file (.STD) which contains geometry, property, support, and load data and a .GSP file which contains member design parameters used in the Chinese Steel Design workflow.

Chn-2 Analysis of a Frame Under Seismic Loads.STD A plane frame is analyzed for seismic loads. The seismic loads are generated using the procedures of the GB50011-2010 code.
Chn-3 Mass Modelling with Floor Diaphragm.STD A steel frame structure is designed per GB 500017-2017 code. This model contains Floor Diaphragm, Mass type reference load and Wind load.