STAAD.Pro Help

Import/Export tab


Used to import data from other formats. Opens a Windows Open dialog, which is used to select a file name and location for importing the selected file format.

DXF (*.dxf) Used to import an Autodesk AutoCAD® 3D DXF file.
QSE ASA (*.asa) Import an ASA format file.
Stardyne (*.sdn)
CIS/2 (*.stp) Options are provided for creating new models (from Start page only) or updating the current model (when a STAAD project is open) from a CS/2 model.


Used to export data to other formats, such as DXF, VRML, the CIMsteel STEP format, etc.

3D DXF (*.dxf) Exports the entire model into a 3D DXF file.
2D DXF (*.dxf) Exports a selected plane of the model into a 2D DXF file. This option opens the Export 2D DXF dialog.
Note: The Export 2D DXF dialog is used to indicate the section of the model to use to generate a plan as well as the model objects to include in the drawing.
QSE ASA (*.asa)
VRML (*.vml) Exports the model as a 3D vector graphic in the Virtual Reality Modeling Language World file. This option opens the VRML2 Options dialog, which is used to set the colors for the World file.
Note: The VRML2 Options dialog is used to specify the colors in the exported file.
CIS/2 (*.stp)