STAAD.Pro Help

T.2 Generate the Analysis Model

You have now completed the modeling portion of this tutorial. You will now send the model data back to STAAD.Pro where you will create load combinations, add output commands, select analysis criteria, and specify design parameters.

For this tutorial, you will use the default options for analytical model generation. However, for advanced models you can review and change those options in the Configuration dialog.

  1. Select Save to save the physical model.
  2. Either:

    On the Model ribbon tab, select the Return to Analytical Modeling tool in the STAAD.Pro group


    On the File ribbon tab, select Create analysis model in the backstage tabs

    The Return to Analytical Modeling dialog opens and displays the progress of the analytical model being generated.
  3. Click OK. If you have not previously associated this model with a CONNECT Project, you are asked to do so. This is will not be necessary for this tutorial.
  4. Click Cancel in the Assign Project dialog.
The STAAD.Pro物理モデラー window closes and the model is loaded into the STAAD.Pro analytical modeling interface.