STAAD.Pro Help

To perform the beam design

  1. Either:

    select the Autodesign tool


    select Design > Autodesign.

    An exceptions dialog opens indicating that two beams have failed the design checks.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Either:

    select the Failure Diagnostics tool


    select Reports > Failure Diagnostics

    The Failure Diagnostics tab opens. The table indicates that many beams are failing due detailing checks.
  4. Evaluate some options for beam group 2:
    1. Select any of the beam segments in G2 in the Design Output table. The beam segments in this group are marked with a red tag to indicate the group failed one or more checks.
    2. Either:

      select the Design tool


      select Modify > Design

      The Redsign Grp dialog opens at the bottom of the program window.
    3. Type 3 in the Bar Layers at Top field.
    4. Select the Redesign tool in the Redesign Grp dialog. The beam now passes design and crack width checks.
    5. Select the Accept tool.
    The Design Output table now shows green for the G2 beam indicating it passes.
  5. Repeat step 4 to redesign G7 with 3 layers of top bars as well. Optionally, you can use the UnLock tool to unlock the current design and then change the initial settings to use larger reinforcement sizes.
  6. Review the detailing on the demand and capacity curve for a beam:
    1. Select beam group G1 and either:

      select the Detail tool


      select Modify > Detail


      right-click and select Detail from the pop-up menu

      The Redtail dialog opens at the bottom of the program window.
    2. Click-and-drag your mouse cursor over the beam subdivisions starting at 0.75L of the first beam span in G1.
    3. Right-click and select detail from the pop-up menu.
      The Top Steel pop-up dialog opens.
    4. Delete the N1 value for layer 4 and then select the empty value for D1 for the same layer.
      This will remove the fourth layer of bars from the top steel in this segment, creating a new reinforcement detail for the selected segment.
    5. Click OK. The section of the capacity curve for the top steel updates to reflect the detailing change.
    6. Click Cancel.
    Tip: You can use select the beam segments or entire reinforcement zones by their labels just below the diagram. You can copy and paste reinforcement details between zones or selections.
  7. (Optional) Check for any resized beams during design by selecting Reports > Beam Size Changed. A report including any resized beams during design opens. For this example, none of the beams were resized.