STAAD.Pro Help

M. To Create a New Building Plan

  1. Select Workspace > New Plan. The New Plan dialog opens.
  2. Specify the general details:
    1. Type a Plan name.
    2. (オプション) Select a Floor type
    3. Type the Height of Level Above (floor-to-floor height).
    4. Click the Assign Levels drop-down to assign plan names to each level of the building.
      注記: The number of levels is specified in the Start dialog.
  3. Select the Create Plan Graphically (Do not import) option to create a new plan Optionally, you may import the plan from a drawing, a PlanWin file, or from another plan in this project (if there is another).
  4. Specify the plan details and source (i.e., CAD file, drawing an plan in STAAD, or PlanWin plan).
  5. Specify the loads on this plan:
    1. Enter the Slab Loading Parameters.
    2. Enter the Beam Loading Parameters.
  6. Select the Concrete Grate and Steel Grade used in this plan.
  7. Click Create Plan. If the plan was not assigned to any levels in Step 2d, then a warning message displays. Click Yes to proceed. Otherwise, the Slab Details (Rectangle) dialog opens.
  8. Specify the slab details:
    1. Type coordinates for the Position
      ヒント: Leave default to accept origin.
    2. Type material, geometry, and loading parameters.
    3. Specify the direction the slab spans: Two Way, One Way, or Distribute on Selected Edges.
      ヒント: The Length and Breadth values specified determine the recommended default direction.
  9. Click OK. The slab is drawing in the graphical view.