STAAD.Pro Help

EX. Building Planner Example Models

The following models are included when STAAD.Pro is installed.

These files are located in the C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition\Samples\Sample Models\Building Planner\ folder (default location).

Table 1. Building Planner examples installed with the program
File name Description
Circular Building.std This model demonstrates how circular shaped non-orthogonal building can be created accurately in the Building Planner workflow. This is a complex model and with the use of plan in dxf format received from architect (included in this folder), the entire plan is created. With the use of tools like Copy, Paste, and Mirror, the symmetrical circular structure can be created by just using one half of the model created in dxf. Columns with different beta angle can be modeled effectively and accurately using the Building Planner.
Typical Ground +3 Story Building.std This model is of a typical 4 story building having 3 different plans: Plinth Plan, Typical Plan, and Roof Plan. The Plinth plan consist of beam and column without slabs. The Roof Plan has wall loads only for parapet walls.
Typical High-Rise Structure.std This model is of a typical high-rise residential structure (15 Levels). The model is orthogonal and has a E Shaped Lift Core in between. Two different plans (Plinth and Typical) are created and the same typical plan geometry with varying column sizes is used on all the levels.
Note: The file name of the STAAD input file is listed. Other files associated with this model are included with the same base file name in this folder using different file extensions.