STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2006-1004.6.2 AISC N690

In addition to the standard ASD design method, STAAD.Pro can perform a design to incorporate the design requirements of Supplement No. 1 to the Specification of the Design, Fabrication and Erection of Steel Safety-Related Structures for Nuclear Facilities ANSI/AISC N690 – 1994s1. This additional code has been added to the Steel Design dialog.

To perform a design of steel sections to the AISC N690, a design parameter block containing the command CODE AISC N690 followed by the command to perform a CODE CHECK or MEMBER SELECTION must be added to the STAAD.Pro data file.

The GUI has been updated by adding AISC N690 in the Steel Design dialog:

When this design code option is selected, clicking on the Define Parameters… button at the base of the dialog box will in turn open the Design Parameters dialog that will allow parameters to be added or added and assigned to specific steel members.

For a full explanation of the features of the design engine see D1.K. American Codes - Steel Design per ANSI/AISC N690 Design Codes.

Note: Design to this module is only possible if your security allows design to US Specialised design codes.