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D1.A.10.3 Flexure

Design strength in flexure is calculated as per clause F1. The

Limit States

The nominal flexural strength is calculated for different limit states as per sections F2 through F13.

The following limit states are checked for flexure:
  • Flexural Yielding about X and Y axis
  • Flexural Yielding about U and V axis (for single angle only)
  • Lateral-torsional Buckling about X and Y axis
  • Lateral-torsional Buckling about U axis (for single angle only)
  • Flange Local Buckling
  • Web Local Buckling
  • Wall Local Buckling (for HSS Round only)
  • Compression Flange Yielding
  • Tension Flange Yielding


The design parameters that affect flexure are:
  • UNT
  • UNB
  • UNL
  • UNR
  • FLX
  • SNU
  • CB