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D1.C.3 Analysis Requirements

The types of construction recognized by AISC specification have not changed, except that both "simple framing" (formerly Type 2) and "semi-rigid framing" (formerly Type 3) have been combined into the same category, Type PR (partially restrained). "Rigid Framing" (formerly Type 1) is now Type FR (fully restrained). Type FR construction is permitted unconditionally. Type PR construction may necessitate some inelastic, but self-limiting, deformation of a structural steel element. Thus, when specifying Type PR construction, the designer should take into consideration the effects of partial restraint on the stability of the structure, lateral deflections and second order bending moments. As stated in Sect. C1 of the LRFD specification, an analysis of second order effects is required. Thus, when using LRFD code for steel design, the user must use the P-Delta analysis feature of STAAD.