STAAD.Pro Help

M. Cylindrical Surface

Select the Cylindrical Surface prototype under the model type Surfaces. Drag the item into the right-side window and release the button. The Select Parameters dialog box will appear to specify the parameters as shown in the next figure.

The Cylindrical Surface can be generated by providing the basic geometrical parameters Length, Start Radius, End Radius and Sweep Angle. You can generate a tapered cylinder by providing unequal values at Start and End radius. Entering a Sweep Angle less than 360 degree can also generate a longitudinally cut cylinder.

The Axis of the cylinder can also be controlled by entering the values of Start - X, Y, Z values and End - X, Y, Z values. The direction of the line joining the points gives the axis of the cylinder.

Providing the number of Divisions along Length and Divisions along periphery, the mesh can be generated. The option, Generate open cylinder will keep the ends open and Generate triangular element will generate triangles instead of quadrilaterals.