STAAD.Pro Help

M. Preferences dialog

Used to set the units, colors, output types, and databases for standard sections.

Opens when Settings > Preferences … is selected.

Units of measurement tab

Select the units for angles, section dimensions, section properties, axial forces and moments, as well as the number of decimal places and whether or not to use an exponential form.

Misc. tab

Select the language, Report settings such as the template document, whether the documents should use Word 7 or Word 97 file formats, the paper size and font. Set whether documents should be sent direct to the printer or into Word for editing. Additional options determine the number of vertices to created by a circle, option to snap to grid and whether the ends of vertices are indicated by a circle or not.

Stress scale tab

Used to set the colors of the maximum compression and tension stresses and the colour these grade to for zero stress, along with the number of bands to be displayed

Profile databases tab