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AD.2007-08.3.6 EC3 Slender Circular Hollow Sections

Slender circular hollow (pipe) sections may now be designed per Eurocode 3 (EN 1993-1-6:2007).

Eurocode 3 – Part 1 (EN 1993-1-1:2005) –hereafter EC3-6– states in Cl. (5) that the design of slender circular hollow sections is to be based on the procedure in EN 1993-1-6. EC3 6 deals with the design of shell structures. EC3-6 does not, however, specify additional or modified safety factors. Therefore, the default safety factors from EN 1993-1-1 are used.

Note: You can change these values through the GM0, GM1, and GM2 design parameters.

The program checks the plastic and buckling limit states for primary stresses based on the stress design method described in EC3-6.

Refer to D5.C.5.6 Design of Slender pipe sections to EN 1993-1-6 for details on the methodology and calculations used in this design.