STAAD.Pro Help

M. To add a prestress or post-tension load to members

To add a load due to prestressing or post-tensioning to members, use the following procedure.

  1. Either:

    On the Loading ribbon tab, select the Load Items tool in the Loading Specifications group

    ヒント: This will add the load item to the currently selected load group selected in the program status bar.


    In the Load & Definition dialog, select a primary load case in the Load Cases Details list and then click Add.

    The Add New Load Items dialog opens.
  2. Select the loading Type:

    Prestress – prestress force is considered at the time of stressing and thus the force is transferred to the adjacent members or supports


    Poststress - the prestress force is considered after the time of stress and thus the force is applied to the member itself (not transferred to the adjacent members or supports)

  3. Type the prestress Force (in current units).
  4. Type the Eccentricity Distances used to control the tendon profile at the Start, Middle, and End of the member. Eccentricities are measured in the local y axis (i.e., positive is "up" with respect to the local y axis). The cable profile is assumed to be parabolic (i.e, a "draped" tendon profile). Refer to G.15.5 Prestress and Poststress Member Load for further details on how the tendon profile shape is calculated.
  5. Click Add. The load item is added to the selected load case.