STAAD.Pro Help

D. To check connection tags

To check the assigned connection tags capacity using the STAAD.Pro analysis results, use the following steps.

Prior to checking connections, you must perform a successful analysis on the model so analysis results at member ends can be compared to connection capacities.

Additionally, each beam and connecting member (beam or column) must have a connection capacity for the sections used in the associated Connection Tags XML file to facilitate checking connections.

  1. Select one or more members in the view window.
  2. Either:

    on the Beam Tools ribbon tab, select the Check tool in the Connection Tags group


    on the Utilities ribbon tab, select the Connection Tags > Check Tags in the Tools group


    right-click and select Connection Tags >  Check Connection Tags from the pop-up menu

    The Assign Connection Tags dialog and Check Connection Tags dialog open.
  3. Select the load case types you want to use in the Select Load Case Types drop-down list. The load cases list displays only the type or types selected.
  4. Either:

    select load cases individually by setting their check boxes on in the list


    set the Select All option check box on.

  5. Click Check. The Connection Tag Check Results table opens. This table displays the connection tag data from the Connection Tag XML file capacity used checked against the critical load case at each member end with a connection tag. The status of the check (i.e., Pass or Fail) is listed in the Remarks column.