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AD.2007-08.2.1 Wind Load Generation per ASCE 7-10

Wind loads intensity values may now be automatically generated per the 2010 edition of SEI/ASCE 7 using the ASCE-7: Wind Load dialog in the user interface. This dialog allows you to generate a wind loading pattern based on the parameters used in this specification.

The primary change in wind load evaluation between the 2002 and 2010 editions of the ASCE 7 specification involve the method of calculating the force coefficient, Cf, for solid freestanding walls and solid signs. The formula provided in the commentary related to Figure 6-20 in the specification is used:

Cf = {1.563 + 0.008542ln(x) - 0.06148·y + 0.009011[ln(x)]2 - 0.2603·y2 - 0.08393·yln(x)}/0.85


x = B/s

y = s/h

To generate a wind load intensity per ASCE 7-10

  1. Add a wind load definition to the model.
  2. Select this definition in the Load & Definition dialog box and click Add.

    The Add New: Wind Definition dialog box opens.

  3. On the Intensity tab, select the as Custom in the drop-down list and click Calculate as per ASCE-7.

    The ASCE-7: Wind Load dialog box opens.

  4. On the Common Data tab, select 2010 as the ASCE 7 - edition.
  5. Specify or set the parameters needed to define the load.

    Click Apply prior to selecting a different dialog tab to update the dialog for the specified parameters.

  6. Click OK.