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D8.E.2 Member Dimensions

Concrete members which will be designed by the program must have certain section properties input under the MEMBER PROPERTY command. The following example shows the required input:

1 3  TO 7 9 PRISM YD 450. ZD 250.
11 13  PR YD 350.
14 TO  16 PRIS YD 400. ZD 750. YB 300. ZB 200.

In the above input, the first set of members are rectangular (450 mm depth and 250mm width) and the second set of members, with only depth and no width provided, will be assumed to be circular with 350 mm diameter. The third set numbers in the above example represents a T-shape with 750 mm flange width, 200 width, 400 mm overall depth, and 100 mm flange depth (See section 6.20.2).

Note: The program will determine whether the section is rectangular, flanged, or circular and the beam or column design.