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AD.2006-1004.1.4 New Turkish Seismic Code

A new seismic definition module has been added to the STAAD.Pro Loading Definitions. This is to provide the user a tool to calculate and distribute the equivalent static loads produced by an earthquake that should be considered in a building as defined in the ‘Specifications for Structures to be Built in Disaster Areas. Part III – Earthquake Disaster Prevention. Amended on 2.7.1998, Official Gazette No. 23390 (English Translation)’. This is referred to as the Turkish Seismic Provisions.

The Turkish seismic provisions can be added using the Seismic Definitions dialog from the Definitions option in the main Load dialog box and selecting TURKISH from the type pull-down list.

Once all the required values for the parameters have been defined, then clicking on the Add button will add the data to the model such that it is ready to be used in seismic load cases.

For full details of the Turkish seismic load command structure see Section of the Technical Reference manual .