STAAD.Pro Help

Backup/Restore tab

Used to create a backup of your STAAD project or to restore a STAAD project to a previously created restore point.

Menu item Description
Restore Model Used to restore the open STAAD project to a previously created restore point. Select a restore point in the list and then click the Restore file tool that appears when hovering over the right-hand side of an entry.
Compare Models Used to compare two STAAD project versions. When one restore point is selected, you can compare this input file with the current model state. Selecting to compare points (by holding the <Ctrl> key and clicking the restore point labels) can be used to compare any two points. Click Compare Models or Compare with Current Model and a window opens with the input files compared.
Create Restore Point Used to create a restore point for your entire STAAD project. Type an optional Name and Description for the resotre point (a generated name will be created for the restore point if you don't). You can also select the option to Include Analysis Data to the restore point as well.