STAAD.Pro Help

EX. Analyze, design, and export connection data

  1. On the Analysis and Design ribbon tab, select the Run Analysis tool in the Analysis group. The STAAD Analysis and Design dialog opens and the analysis is performed.
  2. Click Done.
  3. Select the Connection Design workflow. The Materials Mapping dialog opens.
  4. Click OK. The connections are designed based on the connection tag mappings in the XML file. The results of the connection design process is displayed in the RAM Connection Input table.

    You can double-click any row in this table to open the connection pad. From there, you can review the connection design details and make changes as needed.

  5. Select File > ISM and then select Create Repository. The STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition ISM Module dialog opens and then you are prompted to save the repository to the same base name and file location as the STAAD input file.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Check that the Open Structural Synchronizer option and Include Member Offsets option are both checked.
  8. Click the Run tool. If you are prompted again to create the repository file, click Yes.
  9. In the iTwin Analytical Synchronizer application, select the Select All tool for Objects and then click Update.
  10. Type an option commit message and then click OK. The repository is created and the model data is pushed to it. The iTwin Analytical Synchronizer application closes.
  11. In the STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition ISM Module dialog , click OK in the prompt and the close the dialog.
You now have an ISM repository that can be used to transmit connection detailing designed in STAAD.Pro and RAM Connection to detailing software, such as ProStructures.