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AD.2007-07.2.12* Design per ASME NF 3000 2004 Code

The design of steel sections according to the requirements in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) specifications, Rules for the Construction of Nuclear Power Plant Components, Section III – Subsection NF has been implemented per the 2004 edition of this code and the Design | Steel page has been updated to allow the design parameters to be defined and assigned.

To perform a steel design per ASME NF 3000 2004

Use the following procedure to specify post analysis steel design code checking requirements for the ASME NF code.

  1. Create a model with steel members.

  2. Select ASME NF3000 2004 for the Current Code on the Design | Steel page.
  3. Click Define Parameters….

    The Design Parameters dialog opens.

  4. Specify parameters as required.

  5. Close the Design Parameters dialog.
  6. Assign parameters to members as needed.
  7. Select Analysis >  Run Analyze (or press CTRL+F5).

For more information on the technical requirements of this design code, including the full set of parameters and default values, refer to D1.L.4. ASME NF 3000 - 2001 & 2004 Codes .

Note: The STAAD Nuclear Code pack is required to perform designs per an ASME NF 3000 code.