STAAD.Pro Help

I. To add a comment

To change one or more lines in the input file to a comment, do the following.

Comments can be used to add notes or remarks in the input. They also can be used to turn 'off' commands so they are ignored by the analysis and design engine.
  1. Either:

    place your cursor anywhere on the line you want to comment


    select text across mulitple lines

  2. Either:

    select the Comment tool in the Editing group on the Home ribbon tab


    right-click and select Comment Selection

    If… Then…
    No content was selected in Step 1 the current line is made a comment
    Multiple lines were selected in Step 1 all the lines in the selection are made comments
Tip: You can remove comments using the Uncomment tool n the Editing group on the Home ribbon tab or by selecting Uncomment Selection in the right-click menu.