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D8.A.2.8 Minimum Web Thickness

The minimum web thickness is checked against the serviceability requirements in and the compression flange buckling requirement of

If these sections are not satisfied, then a warning message is included in the output, including the clause which did not meet the web thickness requirements.

This check applies to the following sections:

  • Sections with a stiffened web (i.e., connected to flanges along both longitudinal edges):
    • wide flange (rolled, UPT, tapered)
    • I section with cover plates
    • double I-section side-by-side
    • channel
    • double channel (back-to-back and front-to-front)
    • tube, HSS rectangle
  • Sections with unstiffened web (i.e., connected to flange along only one longitudinal edge):
    • tee
    • single angle
    • double angle
    • star angle