STAAD.Pro Help

D. To create a slab definition

  1. Select the Slab Design page in the Advanced Slab Design page control bar. The Geometry Cursor tool is selected.
  2. Select the structure geometry which will form the slab.
    注記: The slab geometry should include all plate elements which form the slab, as well as column members both above and below the slab, beam members framing the slab, and wall plate elements which are connected both above and below to the slab.
  3. Click New Slab on the Slabs table. The Slab Definition dialog opens.
  4. Select the Load Envelope with which to associate the slab definition.
  5. Click OK.

    The new slab definition is added to the Slabs table.

    注記: If the selection of plates is such that the plates form two separated entities (e.g., plates that form parallel floors) then STAAD.Pro will create multiple separate slab entities.