STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2007-09.1.4* Connection Tags

This feature is used to both create connection data within STAAD.Pro and to transfer it to other programs via the ISM link. This data can then be used in third-party programs, such as Tekla Structures®. The connections can then be checked against a defined capacity.

Connection tags are assigned and checked from within the STAAD.Pro User Interface by use of the right-click pop-up menu. When a beam member is selected (using the beam cursor), a sub-menu for Connection Tags is provided with tools for using connection tags.

注記: Refer to Connection Tags sub menu for additional information on using this feature.

Connection tags consist of two pieces of data:

  1. A Connection Tags XML file, which contains the connection categories, tag names, and member end releases for the connection tag. Connection capacities are also specified for each combination of member and connecting member which may utilize a connection tag. Refer to Connection Tags XML File Schema for additional information on the required structure of this XML file.

  2. Assignments of connection tags to members are stored in the STAAD input file. Though this is done within the DEFINE MEMBER ATTRIBUTE command, it is strongly recommended that the user interface features be used to make connection tag assignments as these must utilize only the connection categories and tag names in the associated XML file. Refer to TR.29.2 コネクションタグのメンバー属性 for additional information on this command.