STAAD.Pro Help

I. To import a DXF file

To import an AutoCAD® DXF™ drawing to use for model geometry, use the following procedure.

The following table maps the imported DXF objects to model entities.
DXF Object STAAD Model Entity
line member
3Dline member
3Dface plate
AcDbLine member
AcDb3Dpolyline one or more members
AcDbFace finite element plates
You must have a model file already open to import data.
  1. Select the File ribbon tab. The backstage view opens.
  2. Select the Import/Export tab and then DXF in the Import group. A Windows Open dialog opens.
  3. Select the DXF file you want to import and then click Open. The DXF Import dialog opens. This dialog is used to specify the vertical axis for data imported from a DXF file into a STAAD input file.
  4. Select the Structure Convention to use.

    No Change - Use the vertical axis as defined in the 3D DXF file


    Y Up - Adds a SET Y UP command to the STAAD input file.


    Z Up - Adds a SET Z UP command to the STAAD input file.

  5. Click OK. The DXF data is imported. The drawing objects are mapped to members and plates.