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M. To define a vehicle for loading

In order to generate a set of static loads, due to the movement of the vehicle or load on the structure, there are multiple steps involved.

注記: This procedure is used to generate a set of static loads at intervals on a structure. The Bridge Deck workflow can also be used to automatically place loads at locations to achieve maximum or minimum actions on a bridge deck.
  1. Either:

    on the Loading ribbon tab, select the Moving Loads tool in the Loading group


    Select Vehicle Definitions under Definitions in the Load & Definition dialog and then click Add.

    The Add New Vehicle Definition dialog opens.
  2. Specify a Vehicle Type Ref number. This identification number is used to refer to this vehicle load definition in the moving load generator.
  3. Either:

    define a custom vehicle using the Define load tab


    select a standard AASHTO vehicle definition using the AASHTO Spec tab


    select an external file containing vehicle data using the File Input tab

  4. Click Add.