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AD.2007-04.3.2 Enhanced Plate Stress Results 

In order to provide additional understanding of stress distribution in finite element models, STAAD.Pro has expanded the sets of results that can be reported for each element both in the Plate Centre Stress Table and graphically using the Plate Stress Contour.

To view the results data of plate elements, enter the Post Processing (Results) Mode, and click on the Plate Contour Page on the left menu.

Plate Centre Stress Table

The new Combined Stresses sheet in the Plate Centre Stress table provides resolved stresses for the top (positive local Z) and bottom (negative local Z axis) surface for each plate element, referred to as the Top Combined Stresses and Bottom Combined Stresses respectively.

Note that if the sheet title Combined Stresses is not visible on the top of the table, then click on the right arrows displayed on the left of the table header to scroll the table sheets which will display the title.

The combined stresses are calculated thus:


SXtop = SX + MX/S

SYtop = SY + MY/S

SXYtop = SXY + MXY/S


SXbottom = SX + MX/S

SYbottom = SY + MY/S

SXYbottom = SXY - MXY/S

t2/6 t
average plate thickness

Plate Stress Contour

The Plate Stress Contour sheet of the Diagrams dialog has been enhanced to allow visualization of these stresses. The six new stress results are available in the Stress Type pull down menu thus: