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AD.2007-07.2.4 Von Mises Stresses per AIJ 2002 and 2005

Design per AIJ (Japanese) steel design codes has been updated to include checking members in accordance with Von Mises stress criteria in AIJ 2005. This check is a requirement for the design of steel structures in nuclear power plants in Japan.

The von Mises stress equation is calculated when the new MISES parameter has been set to a value of 1 (the default value of 0 does not check this condition). The calculated forces and moments are combined per the von Mises stress criteria.

To specify a von Mises stress check in an AIJ 2002 or AIJ 2005 design

  1. Create a model with steel members.
  2. Select either AIJ 2002 or AIJ 2005 for the Current Code on the Design | Steel page.
  3. Click the Define Parameters… button.

    The Design Parameters dialog opens.

  4. Select the MISES tab in the parameters list.
  5. Select option 1 to instruct STAAD.Pro to perform the von Mises stress check as part of the steel design.
  6. Click the Add button to add this parameter.
  7. Close the Design Parameters dialog.
  8. Assign the MISES parameter to members as needed, just as you would any other design parameter.

How the von Mises check results are included in the output depends on the level of detail (TRACK parameter) selected:

Track 0 or 1 The von Mises stress is reported if this ratio is the critical condition.
Track 2 The value for fm = √(σx 2 + 3×τxy 2) (numerator in the von Mises stress ratio equation) is displayed in the Stresses output category. When the von Mises check ratio is the critical condition, the value of the ratio is reported.
Track 4 Used for deflection checks only. Von Mises checks are not reported.


Refer to D9.B.4 Von Mises応力チェック or D9.C.10 Von Mises応力チェック for a detailed description of the methodology used in STAAD.Pro for performing von Mises stress checks per AIJ 2002 or 2005.