STAAD.Pro Help

M. Parametric Sections dialog

Used to to quickly create sections based on a section type and a number of key dimensions and insert that section as an external contour.

Opens when File > Parametric Sections … is selected.

Dialog controls

section type selector Select the general section type that you wish to use from the graphical list. The list contains 22 different generic section types. The parameters and diagram update according to the selection.
  Symbol Section Type
1 Angle
2 Rectangle
3 Rounded Rectangle
4 Triangle
5 Six Side Polygon (Hexagon)
6 Eight Side Polygon (Octagon)
7 Rectangular Hollow Section
8 Rounded Rectangular Hollow Section
9 Channel
10 Rounded Channel
11 Flanged Rectangular Hollow Section
12 Unsymmetric I Section
13 Rounded Symmetric I Section
14 Rounded Tee Section
15 Double Tee Section
16 Wedge
17 Z Section
18 Cruciform
19 Circle
20 Hollow Pipe
21 Half Pipe
22 Ellipse
section parameters Fields for each of the section dimenions for the selected section type are displayed. Enter a dimension into each field (each section has at least one required dimension). Refer to the diagram for the selected section type for an explination of each field.
OK Closes the dialog and adds an external contour with defined parametric section.
Cancel Closes the dialog and returns to the previous sketch file.