STAAD.Pro Help

T.2 Assign user-defined concrete material

If you don't still have all the members selected, press <Ctrl+A>.
  1. On the Member Tools ribbon tab, select the Material tool in the Assign properties group.

    The Assign material dialog opens.
  2. Select the concrete specification:
    1. Select Custom from the Type drop-down list.

      Leave the Source as Catalog and the Country as United States.

    2. Select CONCRETE_ACI318 from the Material type drop-down list.
  3. Define the custom lightweight concrete material:
    1. Type 0.17 in the Mu field (Poisson's ratio).
    2. Type 0.1E-6 in the Alpha field (coefficient of thermal expansion).
    3. Type 0.05 in the CDAMP field (composite damping ratio)
    4. Type 25 N/mm2 in the Fck field (concrete ultimate strength).
      Tip: You can type any appropriate unit in any unit system into the field and it will automatically be converted to the current default units.
    5. Type 19080 N/m3 in the Gamma field (material density).
    6. Type CONCRETE-LTW in the Name field.
    7. Click OK.
    The CONCRETE-LTW material is assigned to all the members. This material is also added to the model catalog for later use if necessary.

On the Model ribbon tab, select the Catalog tool in the Catalog group. The model catalog window opens.

Select the Material tool so it is highlighted in the display control toolbar found in the lower-left corner. The CONCRETE-LTW material is shown as a tile in the Materials section. Select this tile to review the material values. You can use this interface to make changes to the custom materials and sections in your model.

Once you are done reviewing, click the back arrow in the top-left corner of the window.