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D1.B.3 Design of Beams with Web Openings

Design of steel members with web openings per AISC Steel Design Guide 2 - ASD specifications may be performed in STAAD for members whose yield strength is 65 ksi or less.

Note: The web openings are given consideration only during the design phase. The reduction in section properties caused by the presence of the openings is not considered automatically during the analysis phase. Hence, the analysis is performed as if the full section properties are effective for such members.

During the design process, the program first determines the utilization ratio (U.R.) at the location of the opening as though it is an unreinforced opening. If the U.R. is less than 1.0, the member is presumed to have passed the requirements at that location. If the U.R. exceeds 1.0, then it determines the U.R. as though it is a reinforced opening. If it fails this too, the cause of the failure along with the associated numerical values is reported.