STAAD.Pro Help

D. To export a limited set of structure data to a STAAD Foundation Advanced project

  1. Either:

    Use the Node Cursor tool (selected by default with then Foundation Design workflow is selected) to graphically select the support nodes you want to transfer. The Selected Supports option will be selected automatically in the Foundation Design dialog.


    Select the Listed Supports option in the Foundation Design dialog and then type a list of node numbers.

  2. Either:

    Select one or more load cases in the Excluded from design list and click Include to transfer them to the To be included in design list.


    Select the Select Envelope option and then select a load envelope from the drop-down list.

  3. Click STAAD Foundation Advanced. STAAD Foundation Advanced opens and the STAAD.Pro support data and results are imported.
ヒント: To change the loads or update the STAAD Foundation Advanced model per any geometry changes to your STAAD.Pro model, simply re-perform the steps involved in exporting the data.