STAAD.Pro Help

OS. Files Not Compatible

Error message:

 One or more results files are not compatible with the current model and cannot be loaded...

You need to have a successful analysis before you can run any OpenSTAAD macro, including such simple macros as one that only asks for the number of nodes in the model. The program is not smart enough to know which commands will work and which will not when no results are present. It first checks to see if valid results are available. If they are not, it displays the error message and terminates.

You can use the OpenSTAAD command AreResultsAvailable in your macro to check to see if results are available. In some cases, this function also will result in the error message One or more results files are not compatible with the current model and cannot be loaded.... That means that even though the STAAD results file with an ANL extension has been created, the file contains only error messages and no meaningful results.

You can also try inserting a FINISH command in your input file preceding the location in the input that is causing the analysis errors. Depending on whether the errors take place before any analysis is performed, you might get rid of the original error message, but in its place you may see the message, No Results Available. However, the best way to eliminate this problem is to modify your input file so that you obtain a successful analysis before you try to run your OpenSTAAD macro.

Under certain conditions, you might get this …results files are not compatible… error message, even though the analysis runs successfully. OpenSTAAD currently will not work with the Moving Load Generator. The reason is that the results from the Moving Load Generator are not kept in the same database as the other STAAD results. Therefore, when OpenSTAAD tries to read the Output File, it is not able to find those missing load results, so it displays an error message and stops processing the macro. This same situation is in effect for any other loads that you are unable to see until you perform the analysis, like UBC loads, for example. If the loads are defined in the input file, OpenSTAAD will work fine, but not with loads that are only generated when the analysis is run, because these results are not kept in a location where OpenSTAAD can find them.

If you remove your moving load generation command from your input file, and run the analysis, you should then be able to run your OpenSTAAD macro.