STAAD.Pro Help

M. To insert a round opening

Use the following procedure to insert a round hole by one of two means.

A hole is an interior contour which is parametrically defined with a center and radius. You may specify a radius by an exact value or by drawing in the View window, depending on your tool selection.

  1. Select either

    the Circle hole tool


    the Circle hole with specified radius tool

    If you selected to specify a radius, the Radius of the circle hole dialog opens.
  2. If you selected to specify a radius, enter the value and click OK in the Radius of the circle hole dialog.
  3. Click a point to define the center of the circular hole. If you are defining the radius graphically, a circle is rubber-banded to the mouse pointer. Otherwise, the hole is drawn with the previously specified radius.
  4. Double click a point to define a radius. The hole is drawn.
  5. Exit the hole drawing mode by either

    repeating your selection in step one


    selecting some other drawing mode