STAAD.Pro Help

M. To Add Beams Automatically to an Entire Plan

To place beams automatically at detected points on the entire plan, use the following steps.

  1. In a plan workspace, select Beam >  Auto Beam. If there are any existing beams, a warning message that they will be deleted opens.
  2. Click OK.

    The Auto Beam Details dialog opens.

  3. Type the beam details:
    注記: The internal and external (exterior slab edge) beams can be specified separately.
    1. Type a Breadth and Depth for the beam sizes.
    2. (オプション) To include the uniform dead load for the beam, type a value or click Compute Beam Load
      注記: If Compute is used, the Beam Load dialog opens with the specified beam dimensions. You can specify a material Density and include options for walls supported by the beam.
    3. Select the Grade of material.
    4. Type the Cover to Rebars and Flange Dimensions used for design.
  4. Click OK. Beams are added at all slab edges on the floor.