STAAD.Pro Help

T.3 Creating AVI Files

You can save dynamic result, such as a deflection diagram in animation, to a video file.

This feature is available in STAAD.Pro for node deflection, beam section displacement, mode shape and plate stress contour diagrams. These files can then be viewed using video player programs such as the Windows Media Player.

  1. On the Utilities ribbon tab, select the Create AVI File tool in the Utilities group.

    The Create AVI File dialog opens.

    Total No. of Frames Sets the number of frames used to capture the movement. In an animated view, the movement from one extremity to the other is captured as several frames.
    Frame Rate /sec sets the speed of the motion

    The rest of the options in the above dialog are for the type of diagram from which the video file is to be created. Certain items such as Mode Shape and Plate Stress contour are disabled if the required data of that type are not present in the STAAD file, such as a modal extraction, or finite elements.

  2. Select the Stress Contour option for Animation Type and then select Von Mis Top from the Plate Stress Type drop-down list.
  3. Click OK. A dialog opens to specify the file name.
  4. Type a file name and location for the video file and then click OK.

    The Video Compression dialog opens.

  5. (Optional) Select a Compressor option and set the Compression Quality value.
    Note: Video files can be quite large, and compression is a technique used reduce the size of these files, though some video smoothness is lost in this process.
  6. Click OK to begin creating the video file.

    When the file has been generated, a message opens indicating that the operation was successful.

  7. Click OK to dismiss. The file with the extension .AVI is saved in the same folder where the STAAD input file is located.