STAAD.Pro Help

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Multiple Files Open

You can open multiple STAAD input file simultaneously. Each file is displayed on a separate tab across the top of the text editor panel by the filename. The currently selected tab is active and all operations are performed on this file only.


Blocks can be nested. For example, DEFINE MATERIAL START is a block, and each ISOTROPIC material within that block is a sub-block. The current block is indicated by a vertical bar to the right of the commands.

Clicking the minus sign will collapse the block down to the fist command. Once a block is collapsed, a plus sign is displayed and the first command is displayed in a box.

Tip: Select the Collapse tool in the Outlining group on the Home ribbon tab to collapse all blocks in the current input file.

Contents Panel

The top-level blocks are listed, in order, in the Contents pane.

Double-clicking an entry in the contents moves the cursor to that point in the text editor.