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T.2 Specifying member properties

Next you will assign cross section properties for the beams and columns.

The STAAD input file commands generated are:

1 4 PRIS YD 300 ZD 275
2 5 PRIS YD 350 ZD 275
3 PRIS YD 350
  1. Select the Properties page in the Analytical Modeling page control bar.
    The Properties - Whole Structure dialog opens.

  2. Either:

    on the Specifications ribbon tab, click the Prismatic tool in the Beam Profiles group


    click Define

    The Property dialog opens.

  3. Define a 30 cm x 27.5 cm rectangular, concrete beam:
    1. Select the Rectangle tab.
    2. Check the Material option and select CONCRETE-LTW from the list.
      Note: This will automatically assign the user-defined material created in a previous procedure to the sections.
    3. Type 300 (mm) in the YD field.
    4. Type 275 (mm) in the ZD field.
    5. Click Add.
  4. Repeat step 3 to define the beam member property, this time with a depth (YD) of 350 and a width (ZD) of 275.
  5. Define a 35 cm round, concrete column:
    1. Select the Circle tab.
    2. Check the Material option and select CONCRETE-LTW from the list.
    3. Specify the diameter (YD) as 350 mm.
    4. Click Add.
  6. Click Close.
  7. Assign the 30 cm x 27.5 cm shape to members 1 and 4 (end columns):
    1. Select Rect 0.30x0.28 in the list of sections.
    2. Select the Use Cursor to Assign option in the Assignment Method group.
    3. Click Assign.

      The mouse pointer changes to

    4. In the view window, click on members 1 and 4.
    5. To stop assigning members, either:

      click Assigning


      press the <Esc> key.

  8. Repeat step 7 to assign the 0.35cm x 27.5 cm rectangular shape to members 2 and 5 (beams).
  9. Repeat step 7 to assign the 0.35cm circular shape to members 3 (center column).

The frame with sections assigned

Tip: Remember to save your work by either click Save on the File ribbon tab , the Save tool, or pressing <CTRL+S>.