STAAD.Pro Help

M. Application Window Layout

Equivalent Section module window

Window controls

Toolbar A series of commonly used tools are arranged at the top of the module window.
Properties table A list of the reference property values and bias values are entered here to provide data for the cross-section search. Once the Find button is clicked, a set of associate Replacement values and the percent Error will also be displayed, along with a graphical representation of the found equivalent section dimensions.
Equivalent cross-setion A group of controls are arranged here depicting general cross-section types. The currently selected type is shown as depressed.
Find Click to perform a search for an equivalent cross-section based on the specified section Values, weighted per the specified Bias values.
Round dimensions Select this option to have the search use rounded dimensional values. If a search has already been performed, then the current dimension results are rounded.
Exit Closes the module. Any unsaved data will be lost.
Help Opens the Section Wizard help window to display the relevant help topic.
Views panels A graphical representation of a section as well as dimensions of the recommended section from a Find action are displayed in the right-hand side of the window.