STAAD.Pro Help

Customize User Defined Tools dialog

Used to customize the tools which appear in the User Tools drop-down menu.

Opens when Tools > Configure User Tools is selected.

Tool What it Does
New tool Adds an empty entry to the Menu Items list. Type a name for a new menu item.
Delete Removes the current tool from the User Tools list
Move Up Moves the selected tool up in the Menu Items list.
Move Down Moves the selected tool down in the Menu Items list.

Type the path and filename of the linked macro for the menu item. Click […] to open a file Select File dialog, which is used to locate and select files.


Specify any additional parameters associated with the macro, if required.

Initial Directory



Saves the changes and closes the dialog.


Closes the dialog without saving any changes since the Apply was clicked.


Saves any changes made in the dialog.


Opens the STAAD.Pro Help contents.