STAAD.Pro Help

Beam-Girder Identification dialog

Used to switch beam and girder assignments in a Beam-Girder connection. STAAD.Pro will automatically assign the Beam and Girder designations. This dialog allows you to switch the assignment between the two members in the connection.

Opens when Connections > Identify Beam and Girder is selected.

Table of BG Connections All Beam-Girder (BG) connections in the model are listed here along with the members in the connection which are have been automatically assigned as Beam or Girder. Select the Check option for each connection for which you wish to switch member assignments.
Switch Click this button to swap the Beam No and Girder No member assignments of members selected in the Check column.

Accepts the settings changes and closes the dialog.


Closes the dialog without saving changes.


Opens the Help window.