STAAD.Pro Help

Define Loading Pattern tab

Used to define general definition and member specific parameters for a pushover analysis.

Add New : Pushover dialog Define Loading Pattern tab

Loading Pattern

Select either Auto or User Defined method for specifying loading patterns.

Method for Lateral Load Calculation

(Auto loading pattern only) Set this option to specify the method used for defining the load pattern.

Total Base Shear To Be Distributed

(Auto loading pattern only) Set this option to define base shear that will be distributed vertically along the height of the structure at each floor level. If no value is specified, the program distributes 10 percent of gravity loading as lateral load.


(Total base shear distributed only) Select the global direction in which the pushover load acts.

Total Base Shear

(Total base shear distributed only) Base shear value in current units of force used for loading.

Number of Push Load Steps

The number of load steps. The lateral load at each floor divided by the number of load steps gives the push load increment at that floor level.