STAAD.Pro Help

Surface Query dialog

Used to view detailed information for one surface entity at a time.

Opens when a surface element is double-clicked with the Surface cursor.

While this dialog box is open, you can query any other surface element by double-clicking on it. The dialog updates automatically for the newly selected element. Similarly, the display units can be changed dynamically while this dialog box is open using the Change Graphical Display dialog.

Geometry tab

Shows a diagram of the surface element and a table listing all nodes on the perimeter of the element, as well as node to node distances along the perimeter.

Property tab

Lists surface element’s thickness and properties of the element’s material: Elasticity, Poisson’s ratio, Density, and thermal expansion coefficient (Alpha).

Surface Forces tab

(Available after a successful shearwall analysis and design) Reports internal forces (Fx, Fy, Fxy, Mx, My, Mz, Qx, and Qy) for five levels at which the shear wall design is carried out: 1/8h, 1/4h, 1/2h, 3/4h, and 7/8h. The forces may be viewed for all load cases / combinations included in the design.

Concrete Design (Shear wall) tab

(Available after a successful shearwall analysis and design) This page of the dialog box contains a full summary of the design, including shear wall geometry, concrete and steel strengths, min. reinforcing ratios, and reinforcing details for all of the five design levels. In addition, a diagram of the horizontal cross-section of the wall is shown for each level.