STAAD.Pro Help

Perform Imperfection Analysis tab

Used to instruct STAAD.Pro to perform an imperfection analysis, which will reflect the secondary effects only if the camber and/or drift is specified in a using the Define Imperfection command. For combination of load cases, with imperfection, use the Repeat Load specification rather than the Load Combination.

Refer to sections TR.26.6 Member Imperfection Information and TR.37.9 Imperfection Analysis for additional details.

There are no other parameters associated with this command.

Print Option Standard STAAD.Pro analysis print options:
No Print No analysis results will be printed to the output file.
Load Data Prints all the load data.
Statics Check Provides a summation of the applied loads and support reactions as well as a summation of moments of the loads and reactions taken around the origin.
Statics Load Prints everything that Statics Check does, plus a summation of all internal and external forces at each joint. This option potentially generates a large volume of output.
Note: Since PRINT STATIC LOAD generates voluminous output, the printing of summation of internal and external forces at each joint is done for structures which have less than 1,000 joints. If the structure has 1,000 joints or more, this printing will be skipped.
Mode Shapes Prints mode shape values at the joints for all calculated mode shapes.
Both This option is equivalent to the Load Data plus Statics Check options.
All This option is equivalent to the Load Data plus Statics Check.