STAAD.Pro Help

Pipe Model dialog

Used to select the active pipe model for the Piping workflow. Job and import information for the active model is also displayed here.

Opens when the  Piping page is selected in the Piping workflow.

Active Model

Used to select the current active model. Any actions taken in the Piping mode are done only on the active model.

Note: The view window displays all models, with the inactive models displayed in the color set in the Diagrams dialog Pipe tab. Supports and labels are not displayed for inactive models for clarity.
Import Data, Description, and Revision The most recent revision is detailed and the date/time when the model was imported into the local database is also displayed. The revising application version number is shown along with the application name.
Import… Opens a Open dialog with the Files of Type filter set to PipeLink files (file extension .pipelink.), which are piping data files created by the PipeLink utility to transfer data between Bentley AutoPIPE (V8i SELECTseries 2 and greater) and STAAD.Pro (V8i SELECTseries 2 and greater).