STAAD.Pro Help

New User Table dialog

Used to select the section type for a User Provided Table and to optional specify an external table file.

Opens when New Table is selected in the User Table Manager dialog.

External Table Set this option to load section data from an external file (e.g., a .upt file exported from Section Wizard). The File Name must be provided.
File Name Type a name for the external table file. Click Browse to search for a location from which to load the table file.
Select Section Type Select the type of cross section contain in the table. All sections within a table must be of the same type.
  • Wide Flange
  • Channel
  • Angle
  • Double Angle
  • Tee
  • Pipe
  • Tube
  • General
  • I Section
  • Prismatic
Note: Refer to TR.19 User Steel Table Specification for details on the property value requirements for various section types.
OK Creates a new User Provided Table of the selected type.
Cancel Closes the dialog without creating a new table.