STAAD.Pro Help

Add Parametric Model dialog

Used to specify the parameters used for automatically generating a finite element mesh over boundary area.

Opens when a new mesh boundary has been defined from the Parametric Models dialog.

Name Type a string used to identify the meshed surface.
Type Select an optional description for the surface type:
  • Undefined
  • Wall
  • Slab
Sub Type Select an optional description for the selected Type:
  • Wall_Tank (Wall only)
  • Slab_Tank (Slab only)
Meshing Method

Select one of the following mesh methods:

  • Basic - Can make use of any of the three Boundary Connectivity options and uses triangular elements.
  • Standard - Can use type either optimized or defined Boundary Connectivity options and uses quadrilateral elements.
Boundary Connectivity Select how the program should sub-divide the boundary edges between the selected nodes:
No boundary segmentation - Meshing will be done without creating any nodes along the edges of the boundary we defined. Thus, the entire distance between two sequential nodes will form the side of one element. In most cases, this can lead to poor quality elements, and is best avoided.

No divisions

Optimize boundary segmentation - (Default, recommended) Automatic boundary divisions to the target element size.


Define boundary segmentation - Each boundary between the selected nodes will be sub-divided into the specified number of segments given in Number of segments/boundary.

Equal number of divisions

Target element size Specify a target dimension to use as a guideline when automatically generating the mesh. This value is nominally used when dividing the boundary region into finite elements, but the element size is also determined by other factors such as the distance between boundary and other density points..
Create density objects from internal nodes/beams Check this option to have additional nodes created along any members or defined nodes that lie in the defined surface area.
Add openings Check this option to specify openings within the surface after you click OK.
OK Closes the dialog and generates the mesh.
Cancel Closes the dialog without generating a meshed surface.