STAAD.Pro Help

Material Constant dialog

Used to specify individual material constants of the materials of which members and elements are comprised.

Opens when a constant name is selected from the Constants tool in the Materials group on the Specifications ribbon tab. A separate dialog is used to define each constant value.

The types of constants available to define are:
  • Young's Modulus – the modulus of elasticity, E
  • Poisson's Ratio, ν
  • Shear Modulus, G
  • Density , γ
  • Thermal Coefficient , α
  • Damping Ratio ,c
Material Constant Select the pre-defined materials Aluminum, Concrete, or Steel to use a built-in value. See below for the built-in material values

Alternately, select the Enter Value option to type in a custom constant value in the current units.

Assign Select the scope of members which the material constant is to be assigned.
  • To View assigns the material constant to all members within the current view.
  • To Selection assigns the material constant to only those members selected.

Built-In Material Constants

For E, G, POISSON, DENSITY, ALPHA, and CDAMP, built-in material names can be entered instead of a value for f1. The built-in names are STEEL, CONCRETE, & ALUMINUM. Appropriate values will be automatically assigned for the built-in names.

Table 1. Constants (in Kip, inch, Fahrenheit units)
Constant Material Units
Steel Concrete Aluminum
E (US) 29,000 3,150 10,000 Kip/in2
Poisson’s 0.30 .17 .33 (ratio)
Density .000283 .0000868 .000098 Kip/in3
Alpha 6.5E-6 5.5E-6 12.8E-6 L/L/° F
CDAMP .03 .05 .03 (ratio)
E (nonUS) 29,732.736     Kip/in2
Table 2. Constants (in MKS, Celsius units)
Constant Material Units
Steel Concrete Aluminum
E (US) 199, 947,960 21,718,455 68,947,573 kN/m2
Poisson’s 0.30 .17 .33 (ratio)
Density 76.819 541 23.561612 26.601820 kN/m3
Alpha 12.0E-6 10.0E-6 23.0E-6 L/L/° C
CDAMP .03 .05 .03 (ratio)
E (nonUS) 205, 000,000     kN/m2
Note: E (US) is used if US codes were installed or if Member Properties American is specified for an analysis; otherwise E (nonUS) is used.