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TR.32.12.4 Generation of Snow Loads

This command is used to generate Snow Loads using previously specified Snow load definitions. This input should be a part of a load case. 

General Format



Parameter Default Value Description
_flr_group - The members that form the roof and that are to be loaded by snow load must be listed in a floor group (See TR.16 Entities as Single Objects).
TYPE j - The type number of previously defined snow load system.
CS f1 0.0 Roof Slope factor (CS). For sloped roofs, the roof slope factor is described in section 7.4 of the SEI/ASCE-7-02. A value of 0 indicates that the roof is horizontal.
BALA or UNBA BALA Balanced or unbalanced snow load. Default is balanced. These terms are described in section 7.6, and figures 7.3 and 7.5 of ASCE 7-02.
OBST or UNOB UNOB Obstructed or unobstructed.
MONO or HIP or GABLE NONO Roof geometry type.

Use as many floor groups and types as necessary in each load case.